You Can Now Pay Without a PayPal Account

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Just want to write a quick note to inform everyone that you can now pay with your credit card even you don’t a PayPal account.

The payment processing system we originally used was PayPal Express Checkout. Although it took less time to implement, it didn’t allow any payment from people without a PayPal account. We’ve lost few sales just because of it.

I spent couple hours yesterday working on a new integration with PayPal Website Payment Standard, which lets you pay with your credit card even if you don’t own an existing PayPal account.

A little screenshot to show where you can pay without credit card instead of PayPal balance:

Then you just enter your credit card information.

That’s it!

A thank-you goes to everyone that expressed their needs about this via email on the last couple days. I truly appreciate it. Without you, I wouldn’t even know that I lost sales because of the payment limitation.


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