License Agreement

Artsy Editor is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier to write and edit posts and images on your WordPress site. Artsy Editor is licensed per site; once it is installed, it can be used by anyone with an account on your WordPress site. You can choose to license it for 1, 5, or unlimited sites when you purchase the plugin, and then can use the same license key to activate Artsy Editor on each site. If you choose to quit using Artsy Editor on your site, you may install it on a different site once it has been uninstalled from the previous site.

Artsy Editor is licensed, not sold. We trust that you’ll respect our license and only install it on the number of sites specified in your license. We’re appreciative of the hard work the WordPress community has put into making WordPress the best CMS. To honor WordPress’ commitment to open-source software, all PHP files in Artsy Editor are licensed under the GPL license. However, the image and other files in Artsy Editor are licensed to you for use on your sites. You cannot resell them or use them in other projects.

Your Artsy Editor license includes free support and updates for all 1.x versions. You can update the plugin from its settings page in WordPress, or you can download the updated plugin from your Artsy Editor account for no additional charge.

We’ve worked hard to make Artsy Editor a great tool for everyone, and hope you find it makes writing and editing on your site easier and quicker than before. Artsy Editor is designed to work as smoothly as possible, and should not cause any problems on your site. However, we cannot be liable for any problems that may occur on your site. If you do have any problems with it, or if you have any questions or concerns about this license, please let us know.