How do I upload the plugin?

– Log into your admin
– Click Plugins link
– Click Upload link
– Choose the .zip file you downloaded
– Click Upload button
– Wait for it to upload
– Click Activate Plugin
– Enter your license code

Where do I go to use Artsy editor?

Go to a new post page or edit one of your old posts. You will see Artsy tab next to Visual and HTML. Click on the Artsy tab.

How do I change background color/font/font size?

Click on the Settings icon on the bottom left. After you adjust to desired settings, click Save to save or Cancel to cancel.

What does Open Automatically mean?

It means Artsy Editor will open automatically when you go to new/edit post page. If you choose Do Not Open Automatically, you can open editor by clicking Artsy tab next to Visual and HTML.

How do I upload an image?

You can drag in an image from your computer. It will be automatically uploaded and inserted for you.

How do I resize an image?

If you hover over an image, you will see a handle at the bottom. Drag that handle until the image size is appropriate.

How do I publish a post?

Click on the Publish button on the top right.

How do I save a post as draft?

Hover your mouse over + on the top right. Click on Save Draft when the menu shows up.

Why doesn’t it have a Save Draft button?

Save Draft button is only available for new post. You won’t see it when you are editing a post.

How do I preview a post?

Hover your mouse over + on the top right. Click on Preview when the menu shows up, a new page should be open up.

How do I upload file without using drag-and-drop?

You can click on the file upload button on the bottom right. Choose your file, it will be automatically uploaded and inserted for you.

How do I exit Artsy Editor and go back to normal interface?

You can click the X on the top left or press Esc on your keyboard.

Where are all the formatting options?

– Once any text in content area is selected, the formatting options will show up.

Where are H2 to H6?

– If you click on Blockquote or H1, they will show up under. Click on Blockquote or H1 again, and they will hide.

How do I switch header back to paragraph?

– If you apply h3 to some text, simply click h3 again to cancel the formatting.

What are all keyboard shortcuts available?

– Esc: Open/Close editor
– Command+,: Settings

– Command+b: Bold
– Command+i: Italicize
– Command+u: Underline
– Command+k: Create link
– Command+0: Paragraph
– Command+1: H1
– Command+2: H2
– Command+3: H3
– Command+4: H4
– Command+5: H5
– Command+6: H6

– Shift+Alt+b: Bold
– Shift+Alt+i: Italicize
– Shift+Alt+k: Create link
– Shift+Alt+0: Paragraph
– Shift+Alt+1: H1
– Shift+Alt+2: H2
– Shift+Alt+3: H3
– Shift+Alt+4: H4
– Shift+Alt+5: H5
– Shift+Alt+6: H6
– Shift+Alt+d: Strike-through
– Shift+Alt+a: Create link
– Shift+Alt+s: Remove link
– Shift+Alt+u: Unordered list
– Shift+Alt+o: Ordered list
– Shift+Alt+q: Blockquote
– Shift+Alt+p: Paragraph
– Shift+Alt+l: Align left
– Shift+Alt+c: Align center
– Shift+Alt+r: Align right
– Shift+Alt+j: Align justify