Our Case Study with WooThemes

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I built artsyeditor.com using Simplicity, a beautiful theme crafted by the folks over at WooThemes. The customization process had been quite an experience, and I decided to share some of the tips and tricks I learned along the way so other Woo community members out there can take advantage and learn from those. So I contacted Adii, co-founder of WooThemes, and he happily gave me the opportunity to write on WooThemes’ popular blog.

Here is the case study =>

The topic is about building a product site (like the one we have) using their turbo-charged WooFramework. Couple of things I mentioned:

  • Setting up the featured slider
  • Setting up the testimonial area
  • Setting up the pricing columns
  • Setting up the call-to-action buttons

If you are a WordPress developer that use or plan to use one of WooThemes’ awesome themes, I encourage to read the case study. You will find something helpful over there. :-)


About Stephen

Stephen is the man behind Artsy Editor. He is responsible for all the marketing, design and administrative tasks. He previously made OhBoard, iTunes Instant, TwtRoulette, and OneExtraLap. His email: stephen@artsyeditor.com.