After the launch:

Having @ just makes me want to post something...
Alberto Elías
Installed @ in one of my blogs. Much better than Wordpress 3.2's visual editor. Adding images is finally not a pain :)
Alberto Elías
@ Best editor ever, its like writing on Pages or Byword :)
Using WordPress and as frustrated as I am trying to make things flow? @ may be able to solve that. The @ of Blogging.
Dylan Hunt
@ Ok… ArtsyEditor still rocks, though. :)
Phil Fishbein
@ I've not seen one around. If you want something special for inside of WordPress, try @'s @.
Jonny Rowntree
Just discovered @ and I'm intruiged. Looking forward to giving it a try.
Cindy Meltzer
@ @ tried the demo. looks like the editor @ is sorely missing. good find.
Tony Hue
@ @ @ I think Artsy has the upper hand, no matter what Wordpress ships with there release. Hehe. Go Artsy! :)
Daniel Hemmingsen
@ Beautiful UI, has HTML mode, I can't think of anything that's missing in ArtsyEditor. I'll definitely keep it in my fave list.
Stephanie Gonzaga
@ I sure like it ... Though I do like @'s writing mode better :)
Oh, and BTW, Artsy Editor is better than the new Wp 3.2 UI. Still.
Stefan Etienne
Wow, I am very impressed by @'s @. If you write lots of blog posts in Wordpress, be sure to try it!
Joel Gascoigne
Bought @ the day it came out but just now got a chance to use it. It's seriously awesome. Fantastic job @
Charles Zink
Love Simplicity! Loved Artsy Editor
Fouad Alfarhan
If I used WordPress, you better believe I'd use Great work, @.
I've been using Artsy Editor during the beta period and I've fell in love with it. :)
I just bought @'s Artsy Editor. It looks awesome!
Mike Cohen
Getting all of my WordPress installs turned into beautiful writing spaces with @. Drag-and-drop image uploads is an added plus.
Matthew Guay
Loving @ so far. I could never put my finger on why I wasn't blogging as much as I wanted to. Now I know.
Samuel Walker
am i willing to pay more for good ux? you bet. just purchased an elegant text editing plugin for @ called @
annie lin

Before the launch:

@ Artsy editor looks just awesome for WP bloggers. Nice work!
Ever feel like WordPress editor is a mess? @ will change your mind :D