Show Up Where You Need It When You Need It

A lot of people had been asking me what it means when I say the editor shows up where you need it when you need it.

Take a look at the screenshot above. The editor shows up right below your mouse cursor. So when you format a blog post, you can save the time from moving your mouse from the selected word to the top of the editor.

It might seems very little time. But if you format 15 times per blog post (which is not unusual for a medium-size blog post), and it takes 1 second to move up and 1 second to move down every time. You will save 30 seconds per blog post just from this feature.

Also, the editor only shows up when a piece of text is selected. When nothing is selected, it fades away.

Therefore, it increases writing space by not having a statically-placed formatting bar and decreases the amount of visual distraction when you are focusing in writing.