Press Kit

Download the press kit.

In the press kit folder, you will find:

– a description
– 1 splash image
– 4 screenshots
– 4 comparisons

splash.png: Overall look of Artsy Editor

screenshot1.png: Editor, show up where you need it when you need it
screenshot2.png: Resize image by dragging the corner handle
screenshot3.png: Edit image information inline
screenshot4.png: Upload image by dragging and dropping

comparison1.png: Side-by-side comparison of WordPress editor and Artsy Editor
comparison2.png: How WordPress handles image resizing vs. how Artsy Editor handles it
comparison3.png: How WordPress handles image editing vs. how Artsy Editor handles it
comparison4.png: How WordPress handles image uploading vs. how Artsy Editor handles it

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Download the press kit.

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