WP dev's dream comes true

This will be the best plugin you see this year.


Developers like you rely on WordPress to make a living. Your not-so-tech-savvy clients has been bothering you for weeks to find a WYSIWYG editor they actually know how to use. You found one, but they said it was too complicated. You found another one, they complained it couldn't do xyz. Been there done that?

Well, Artsy Editor will change your client's minds.

Hello, my name is Stephen Ou. I want to show you:

16 reasons why you should buy Artsy Editor

  1. Your clients don't want to see stuff they don't care about. Who needs to see 20+ links and 10+ icons when they just want to write?
  2. Your clients complains the editor is too small. Artsy Editor uses fluid-width, it will offer as much space as their screens allow.
  3. Your clients doesn't know how to upload images. They shouldn't click 5 buttons to upload an image when drag-and-drop can get the job done.
  4. Your clients doesn't know how to resize images. Why should they wait for an overlay to load when they can simply drag the corner to resize?
  5. Your clients doesn't know how to add links. Again, they shouldn't be using an overlay for a straightforward task like adding/editing links.
  6. Your clients constantly lose their work. Artsy Editor auto-saves their content twice as often as WordPress normally does.
  7. You hate dealing with TinyMCE. Artsy Editor is extremely lightweight when you compare it to the continuously-bloating TinyMCE.
  8. You don't want to spend time doing integration. You can get Artsy Editor working in your client's websites with few clicks.
  9. You want to a better relationship with your clients. Since you find the perfect editor, they will appreciate you and continue to work with you.
  10. You want to make more money. You can purchase a developer license for $199, resell it to your clients, and profit.
  11. Your clients will enjoy WordPress more. "I love WordPress 1,000x more with Artsy Editor." is how Charles Zink describes Artsy Editor.
  12. Our customers love Artsy Editor. Check out our list of tweets and testimonials. All coming from our loyal customers.
  13. We are trusted by influential writers. Guys at Google, The Next Web and WooThemes use it, why wouldn't you?
  14. We are widely recognized. We've been featured on The Next Web, WPMU.org, TechInch and more.
  15. We provide world-class customer support. Send us an email and you will get a reply within 2 hours. (Unless we are sleeping.)
  16. We are a premium, high-quality WordPress plugin. With a price point from $19 to $199, our commitment is to make every customer happy.

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Our Story

We didn't build Artsy Editor because we think it's a cool idea. We built entirely based on customer's needs. We found out, before writing a line of code, there was a huge demand for a different WordPress WYSIWYG editor from people just like you.

Even before we launched to public, we were already selling like weeds. Within a month after our release, we reached $1000 in profit.

With that said, you should know if you don't use Artsy Editor, your productivity will not increase and your blog posts will not be as good as they can be.

What are you waiting for? See our plans and pricing.

PS: The content of this page was actually written in Artsy Editor.
PPS: This page was inspired by 37signal's experiment on Highrise.