Artsy Editor Is Coming Soon!

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Yup, it’s official. Artsy Editor will be the name of my WP editor idea.

In nutshell, Artsy Editor will be a premium WordPress editor plugin designed for comfort writing. Just few things why Artsy Editor is made for you:

  • drag-and-drop to upload images
  • drag corners to resize images
  • add links inline, no more pop-up dialogs
  • it doesn’t strip iframe/object code
  • the formatting box is only there when you need it
  • most importantly: a distraction-free interface where you can actually write!

If you have more questions, check out our FAQ page (eg. how much is it? how does it work?).

PS: if you want a 50% discount coupon upon launch, I encourage to enter your email at our homepage! (And you can unsubscribe in one click.)


About Stephen

Stephen is the man behind Artsy Editor. He is responsible for all the marketing, design and administrative tasks. He previously made OhBoard, iTunes Instant, TwtRoulette, and OneExtraLap. His email: