WordPress Editor For Quick, Fun & Easy Blogging!

In a recent news report, it was revealed that around 80% of new signups at WordPress.com drop off after 30 days.

Most users join WordPress very enthusiastically and with a dream to host a regular and informative blog. However, owing to the complexity of blog posting, the number of activities involved in getting a working WordPress blog up, and inability to get instant gratification or readership, they give up!

Why WordPress Writing Is Frustrating?

WordPress comes with great options and for as much as it offers you’d expect it to be intuitive and straightforward too. Learning how to navigate and publish content with WordPress is a no-brainer. Yet many WordPress users would agree that using the default WordPress editor is frustrating – not only is it time consuming but it is also very complicated especially for posting content, editing and uploading image files into a new blog post.

You wish you could concentrate on the content but for the most part, you are busy tweaking the format and the appearance of your blog. In fact, operating a website that depends heavily on user-generated content, such as reviews or community news, can be a formidable challenge for WordPress users.

WordPress Editing Made Easy

WordPress gives you rich HTML editor but the problem is you need to know HTML to be able to use it. While you do not need all the rich editing tools on the WordPress WYSIWYG editor, you need something that is simple to use and does not take your attention away from the content every time you log on to add a new post.

Artsy Editor is the new premium WordPress plugin that gives you a minimalist WordPress Editor so you can post your blog in seconds. This front-end wordpress editor allows you to make changes to your content at the click of a button.

No more widgets, no more confusing HTML coding and no more waste of time!

Artsy Editor At A Glance:

Artsy Editor is a simple wordpress editor that makes wordpress writing so much fun. This fully compatible (works well with most browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera) supports WordPress 2.5 and above and lets you post your blog without any distraction – Yes, this is true!

  1. It’s Intuitive: Artsy Editor does what you want without having to bother “how”. Write your post, edit it in a jiffy and publish it. That’s all!
  2. It’s Painless: You do not need to worry about how to add your image, how to resize it and how to do the formatting of your post. Drag and drop your images to upload. As simple as that!
  3. It’s Cheap: Time is money and that’s what ArtsyEditor helps you save. Priced at as low as $19.99 for full license, this wordpress editor gives value for your money.

Artsy Editor Makes You Love WordPress

Lastly, for all those who are frustrated with WordPress already, ArtsyEditor will make you fall in love with WordPress blogging all over again. Try for FREE right away!