WordPress Editor That Adds Simplicity To Your Blogging!

Do you like blogging on WordPress? If you are a beginner, no matter how many WordPress beginner’s guides and tutorials you read, it all boils down to the amount of time it takes you in posting the blog through the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. In a survey, nearly one third of the people indicated that they took longer than 1hour to post their blog on WordPress – Phew, what a waste of time!

WordPress writing can be overwhelming especially with the default WordPress visual/HTML editor, which is not really the best of all the editors you have in the market. You have so many options that you spend most of your time tweaking the way your blog looks than on the content itself!

Use a Simple WordPress Editor

Artsy Editor is a premium WYSIWYG editor that makes WordPress blogging simple, quicker and so much fun. You can edit your content while writing and you need not spend hours in beautifying your posts. In addition, you get to maximize from its great features like:

  1. Keep It Simple: WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms today. Unfortunately, it seems to be one of the complex ones too. As a beginner, what you need is a simple and easy way to post your blogs online. Artsy Editor gives you the minimalist, distraction-free writing experience that you really want.
  2. Quick Uploads: WordPress writing is complemented by sharing meaningful information and images that speak a thousand words. With Artsy Editor, you do not have to upload media files and struggle to make them fit within your post. Drag and drop the image files, and use the image support options for quick edits.
  3. Image Support: If takes a few minutes at the least to edit image options in WordPress. Now you can achieve the same in seconds. Add image caption, image link and use the Photoshop-style image scaling feature to edit your image in seconds.

How does Artsy Editor help you?

As a hobbyist, you can explore your hobby even more and share your ideas more often. For business users, Artsy Editor saves a lot of time and they do not have to invest in a WordPress professional to post their blogs anymore.

In sum, Artsy Editor adds simplicity to your WordPress Visual Editor so you don’t have to wait for hours before your blog is published. It gives you the freedom to think and post quickly. There is no better way to make your WordPress blogging a lot of fun.

What’s more?

Now you can try Artsy Editor Demo for FREE. Find out how useful it is for you before you get it for your site.

Save your time on WordPress Blogging with Artsy Editor!