De-clutter Your WordPress Editor Today

Having problems with your WordPress Editor? Well, you are not the only one!

WordPress is awesome but with the host of functionalities it gives, the default WordPress Editor makes WordPress blogging more complex and time consuming than any other blogging platforms today. Imagine you could be spending anywhere from 30mins to a couple of hours trying to post your blog online. Worse still, even when you are done, you find uploading images another challenge to deal with.

“At times when I save a post, the page editor disappears and I can only view what has been written out in HTML. However, once the Visual button is pressed I can no longer access the editor unless the page is refreshed. Also pressing the HTML button again does not work either. I simply cannot see the post,” says one of the WordPress users and there are many others who face similar problems with the default WordPress Editor.

Needless to say, WordPress WYSIWYG Editor isn’t the best of all you could have. What you really need is a simple, quick and reliable editor that lets you work the way you want. There are many plugins out there but either they are expensive or they are even more complex – trying to give you everything than just what you need. As a result, you end up being more confused and frustrated.

Artsy Editor: An Ultimate Solution For All WordPress Editor Problems

Now you can get a premium WordPress Editor called Artsy Editor. This plugin not only saves you a lot of time, but it also lets you concentrate on your blog more than the formatting and publishing tasks. For once, it makes your life so much easier allowing you to do distraction free WordPress writing, just the way you want.

  1. See ONLY What You Need: Most all-in-one editors are confusing and a lot of time goes into handling them than writing a blog. Artsy Editor gives you only those formatting buttons that you need more frequently.
  2. Stays Where You Need It: With its minimum elements, Artsy Editor has formatting buttons floating with your cursor so you do not have to scroll all the way up to format your blog. What’s even better is that the formatting buttons fade out when you are done.
  3. Drag-and-Drop Image Uploading: Now you do not have to go to media files or use the WordPress default browser uploader for uploading your images. Simply drag and drop and let Artsy Editor do all the magic.
  4. Drag-Handle Image Resizing: No need to go a separate screen for editing or resizing your image. Use the Artsy Editor drag handle to scale your image within the post.
  5. Edit Image Without Overlay: Add all image options – tags, links and captions within the post without having to open a new screen. No prior knowledge of HTML required.

Artsy Editor gives you exactly what you need to publish a new post on WordPress. Never again would you need to depend on WordPress professionals to post your blog and you definitely not struggle posting your blogs online.

De-clutter all the fancy elements on WordPress Editor and make your blog your own with Artsy Editor. Take a FREE Demo today!